An Introduction to Community Coaching

An intensive two-day learning experience exploring the essential fundamentals of Community Coaching.



Over the two days we explore what we call The Essential Five Pillar Framework

1. Coaching Definitions

  • To be able describe Community Coaching in an easy to understand and attractive way.
  • An appreciation of the differences between Community Coaching and other forms of support.
  • To understand the benefits and limitations of¬†Community Coaching.

2. Powerful Questions

  • To understand the central importance of questions in a community coaching conversation.
  • To be able to utilise different types of questions to improve the coaching space.
  • To commit to crafting beautiful, powerful and useful questions.¬†

 3. Advanced Listening Skills 

  • To understand the value¬†of listening in coaching conversations.
  • To develop and enhance current strategies of effective listening.
  • To appreciate the power, benefits, and limitations of deep listening and silence.¬† ¬†

 4. Building Rapport

  • To appreciate the importance of rapport in the coaching space.
  • To take away enhanced/improved strategies on how to develop rapport with someone they have just met
  • An understanding of limited confidentiality and the essential value of Safeguarding. ¬†

5. Designing a Coaching Space

  • To understand the significance of contracting and re-contracting in¬†Community Coaching.
  • An increased appreciation of the difference between Community Coaching and other forms of support.
  • To understand the importance of self-care and the value of supervision.

"A community is judged by how well it facilitates meaningful conversations with their young."

- Bob Singha (Recorded at 'An Introduction to Community Coaching' Programme - January 2024)



Bob Singha and Robin Lockhart have worked with and for young people, parents, teachers and youth workers for almost 30 years. They are internationally recognised experts at engaging, building rapport and coaching young people and supporting those who work with and for them to do the same.

Bob Singha is a Master Youth Coach, coach trainer, mentor and coach supervisor to some of the most influential coaches in Europe. He was the co-founder of the Youth Coaching Academy (YCA) in 2001, where he co-wrote, designed and delivered the world's first fully accredited youth coaching courses.

Before this, Bob was part of Involve's senior management team, where he designed and managed many innovative projects, some of which are now regarded as international best practice. In 2011 Bob was recognised by the RSA for his ‚Äúgroundbreaking work with young people and commitment to reaching disadvantaged communities‚ÄĚ.

In 2020 The Violent Crime Prevention Board (VCPB) awarded, Bob the ‚ÄėLeading Social Change and Innovation Award‚Äô recognising his contribution to preventing/reducing Violent Crime in London and pioneering the community coaching model.¬†He now serves as Director of Coaching at Catalyst In Communities (CIC).


Robin Lockhart is a highly experienced and qualified community development and youth engagement and coaching professional. He is a master NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and fully qualified Youth & Community Development professional. Robin specialises in the fields of community safety, restorative practice, youth engagement and cultural awareness, possessing the skills required to enhance any youth/community project. 

Prior to entering this field, Robin's gained a wealth of experience in the commercial business sector as an arts & music company director. 

In 2009, Robin was awarded the Kids Count Inspiration Award for Best Contribution to the Community; and in 2012, he was awarded the Team London Award by the Mayor of London for his work with communities. In 2017, he was voted the Commonwealth Youth Worker of the Year and in 2018 he was given the role of Commonwealth Ambassador for Youth Work. Robin now serves as Director of Development at Catalyst In Communities (CIC).

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